About us


In 2014, Connect2Korea (C2K) was founded to promote Korean culture to local communities in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Its mission was conceived under the guidance of the Consul General of the Republic of Korea San Francisco at the time, Hon. Dongman Han, who later went on to serve as ambassador of Korea to the Philippines before retiring.

C2K presented various Korean cultural events, sponsored by the Consulate General of Korea SF. These include a Holiday Celebration for the Association of Korean Adoptees-SF (2014), K-POP World Festival Preliminary Competition (2015-2017) for the western region of the US, K-POP & Beyond Festival at Golden Gate Park (2015), Korean Thanksgiving ‘Chuseok’ Celebration at Santa Rosa Junior College (2015), Photo Contest (2015-2016), and Tofu Recipe Contest (2016).

After a few years of inactivity, C2K is back and ready to reconnect with people who love Korean culture, whether they have Korean heritage or not. C2K seeks to reach out to Korean adoptees and their family members, Korean War veterans and their descendants, and enthusiasts of K-POP music, drama, food, and students of Korean language and cultural studies.

This year, the US and South Korea celebrated the 70th Anniversary of their alliance. Since the conclusion of the Korean War, the US-Korea Alliance has served as an anchor for stability, security, and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula. Today, Korea has moved forward to generate the cultural phenomenon known as Hallyu or K-Wave – the expansion of Korean culture throughout the world. As we look forward to another 70 years of strong partnership, these efforts of cultural exchange will promote respect and recognition of cultural diversity and heritage.

Please join us to experience and promote Korean culture as a cultural ambassador. I thank you in
advance for your participation and look forward to sharing our love for Korean culture.

Best wishes,
Christina Jang
Executive Director and Founder